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R34 – Casa Mariposa

Bright and inspiring house in the old town close to the church

G05 – Casa Hansen

Super villa close to Frigiliana

B09 – Montemar

Lovely bright apartment

G23 – Casa Rosalina

Enjoy the holiday at the top

R26 – Calle Garral 26

Great atmosphere, terraces and grand views.

G12 – Casa Romantica

Fantastic country house

B06- Montemar

Large terrace with great views

R32 – Calle Chorrera

Nice house at the top of the village

G07 – Casa Ubique

Private olive grove and abundant Andalusian garden

R17- Teresa de Avila

A true dream of an Andalusian town house.

G13 – Villa Colina

Enjoy the peace and quiet

R06- Calle Alta

Magnificent views from the house.

G15- Casa Jorge

Villa close to the village with fantastic views.

R12- Calle Teresa de Avila

A true pleasure for body and soul.

R27 – Calle Amargura 16

Very charming townhouse in the old part.

R38 – Calle Zacatin

Beautiful and full of atmosphere

R04 – Calle Garral

Genuine Andalusian charm

G18 – Casa Ana Mari

Lovely villa close to Frigiliana.

G49 – Villa Viña Laero

Beautiful little country house.

G31- La Alberca

Beautiful villa with stunning views.

R13- Frigiliana Heights

Lovely apartment – great views

R21 – Calle Real

Lovely house with great location

G26- Casa Maria Nieves

Very nice and peaceful villa.

R03 – La Huerta 14

Nice apartment – close to everything.

G04- Casa Berta

Good location close to the village.

G38- Casa Lorena

Rustic country house with calm and peace.

R15- La Fuente 3

Comfortable apartment close to the old part.

G36 – Villa Daniel

Perfect house for several families

G03- Los Naranjos

Villa with a secured pool.

B16 – Rafael Alberti

B16 - Hygge på terrassen

Large cozy apartment

G10- Casa Javier

Stay between the avocado trees..

B05 – Casa Caroline

Villa with stunning views.

G02 – Casa Abuela Maria

Super villa close to the village.

B15 – Casa Barbara

Lovely and good location

G06- Casa Conchi

Classic Spanish villa.

G11- La Monticana

Nice villa in great surroundings.

G32- Cortijo Fuenteluz

Lovely house with BBQ and pool.

G34 – Villa El Ventorrillo

Fantastic villa with stunning views.

G50- Villa Azul

Lovely villa with splendid views.

B07- Calle Felipe 5

Well equipped house -close to everything.

G01 – Cortijo La Viña

Betagende landhus med storslået udsigt.

R14- Vinasol 4

Large bright apartment

R29 – La Fuente

Nice and spacious apartment in the old part.

R35- La Cañada 11

Modern apartment close to the old part.

G30- Colores en el Viento.

Private and tranquil surroundings.

R24- Edf. La Maroma

Penthouse apartment with plenty of outdoor space.

R30 – Calle Santo Cristo

Nice studio apartment at the top of the village.

G56 – Las Flores

Lovely villa in beautiful surroundings

R02- C/ Amargura 9

Spacious house with a large roof terrace.

R11- Calle Alta 2

Live the Andalusian life.

G08- Cuatro Caminos

Lovely villa with great views

G54 – Casa Nazario

Villa with grand views.

G55 – Casa Ladera

An oasis on the mountain.

R44 – Villa Santo Cristo

Terraces, views and pool.

G27- Casa Mari

Large private pool with terraces.

R09 – Calle Rosarico la Joaquin

Modern apartment with pool.

G57 – Villa Sunshine

Villa with lots of outdoor space

R20 – Calle Zacatin

The most beautiful street.

G20 – Casa Sylvia.

Pleasant country house close to the village.

R39 – Teresa de Avila

Lovely terrace with great views.

R33 – Teresa de Avila

Lovely house at the top – all in one floor.

G37- Cortijo Encarni

Nice villa with private garden and pool.

G09- Atalaya del campo

Beautiful rustic villa.

B12- Balcon de Frigliana

Beautiful apartment.

R18- La Fuente

Nice apartment in Edf. La Fuente.

R19 – Calle Teresa de Avila

Picturesque and beautiful street.

G28 – Casa Carranquita

Landhus med plads til alle